The hidden cost of cheap food and how to “Be the change”

by Hala Flores

I used to be on the dark side; shopping for the cheapest groceries without any consideration for quality, source of food, etc…UNTIL…

I realized that cheap low quality Frankenstein poison sprayed food had a huge hidden cost on all levels that I was also paying for… paying for it with my health and the health of my children. Our health was terrible… we got sick very frequently, we had all types of allergies. What depressed me the most was the contradictions and hypocrisy I was living in… educated and a professional in environmental engineering, but unfortunately quickly realizing that my college education failed to show me how to protect my environment.

To make a long story short, we self-educated and made the switch. It started slow but the improvement to our health was so rewarding that we were encouraged to do more and more. We ridded ourselves from all allergies and we seldom get colds and other infections even when everyone around us is sick.

It has been two years since we had our epiphany and we now eat 100% local and organic. We have 4 free roaming backyard chickens providing us all the eggs we need and caring for our yard in terms of pest control and fertilizers naturally. I have vegetable gardens, fruit trees and an indoor aquaponic system with tilapia fish, two colonies of bees, all on 0.3 acres lot and it is neat and beautiful and the sensation of the neighborhood.

We are taking a permaculture course and hope to sustain ourselves on at least 50% of our food needs. We want to buy a 2 acre lot because we think we can sustain ourselves 100% on 2 acre land farmed sensibly using permaculture methods. We make a point to visit all the farms our food come from and establish good relationship with our suppliers…we met some of the best people on this earth through our better food finding journey. We learned that these people are being fought on all levels and we support them to the best of our ability.

This is all about awareness… awareness that the cost of food is not just the money you spend to buy the food, but your health, your environment, your community, and the economy of the country. I want to see school and college syllabuses changed to promote this better lifestyle.

Learn about permaculture…

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