Genetic Roulette movie

Below is the FREE official version of Genetic Roulette, or click here to buy DVD.


Watching and distributing this DVD with friends is our #1 media recommendation for spreading awareness. Sit back, get comfy, and be presented with the information you need to protect your family and friends from GMOs.

“Love it!!!!! I think this is consumer focused. I was watching it with that in mind, however sometimes it is easy to forget how much we know vs how much is common knowledge. But I do think Jeffery hit a home run with this one!” ~ Tracy Graves

9 thoughts on “Genetic Roulette movie

  1. This movie is wonderful! I’ve been trying to explain GMOs to my inlaws but honestly they look at me like I’m crazy (in their defense, lab-created mutant plant species that may be killing us and jeopardizing our food supply does sound crazy…). I will certainly ask them to watch this movie, and will buy it for them if they are unable to watch it during the free screening. I absolutely recommend this to everyone who eats food. Know what you’re eating and take control of your life!

  2. Just played the DVD Genetic Roulette at the fire station… Wow… Finally got everyone’s attention here… my words are not in vain.

  3. I hope it will be able for the european market too. Its a silent process but there are more and more gmo`s here (in europe) and to many farmers want to play that dangerous game too :(

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