Only 4 days to the BIG vote!

The vote in California to label GMOs — Prop 37 (Tuesday, 6th November), is going to make history. And over $1 million a day is being spent to try to make sure it doesn’t pass. What happens in California, affects all Americans. If the vote passes, it will send ripples all across America. The stakes are extremely high.

Where’s all this money coming from to stop you knowing your food is GMO? These people…

It doesn’t exactly give you the warm fuzzies does it? All that money is being spent on downright lies, lies and more lies. I just heard that the Justice Dept. is going to be investigating.

With only 4 days and all those lies being spread, there’s no time to lose. You can help make history in a good way by donating to keep Yes on 37 ads on TV and radio, like this radio one

Please donate here, every dollar helps:

If you want to donate just for radio ads, this is the page:

The other way you can really help is to sign up for the phone banking to call California voters to tell them the truth.

If you can’t help with those two things, then just by spreading awareness of GMOs to your friends and family, you’ll be helping a lot. We’ve found that putting this short 15 minute video under people’s noses is an inspiring wake-up-call.

Thanks for caring!

Michael Kinnaird
GMO Awareness

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