An awesome idea from a fellow supporter!

I’ve been tossing and turning over prob 37 since before the election. It didn’t come as a surprise that it hadn’t passed but really bothered me all the same. I kept thinking and thinking about what we could do and I think I’ve got an idea but need aggressive help in this campaign.

If each one of us individually used our twitter account and told these companies why we will not purchase their products, as well as sending these companies emails, and mailing a letter of promise to them, we might stand a change to open their eyes to not using GMOs in their products.

These companies have LOST a lot of money fighting prop 37 and they know this is the beginning of a huge fight. What happens if we all, in addition to our twitter messages, emails, all send this type of letter promise and have it read something like this.

I promise NOT to purchase your products until your ingredients no longer contain GMO ingredients. I promise TO educate, family, friends, neighbors, people at my Church at my children’s schools and everyone I meet about GMOs and how the food companies will not agree to labeling. I promise to tell all these people about all the great documentaries about GMOs, about the French Research Team and their two year study showing how GMO corn caused tumors in rats. I promise to place pressure on my elected officials and when there is proof of death caused by GMOs from the foods people consume, I promise to stand in support and be a voice with proof that I tried everything within my power to show you that GMOs should have been labeled and did not belong in our food system. I promise!

5 thoughts on “An awesome idea from a fellow supporter!

  1. Six years ago my father, my son and I were very sick. Doctors did not know what was wrong with us. Then I read a blog about a lady with the same symptoms as I. She made a stew for her and her husband and gave the rest to her dog. Her dog almost died. She found out the corn had been genetically modified to make the Bt-toxin. By not buying GM foods, she recovered. By not buying GM foods, I recovered. I told my dad. He recovered. But it was too late to save my son. I eat organic food. If I see a food I might like that is not labeled, I call the manufacturer and ask if it is made with any GMOs. I tell them that I am very allergic to GMOs can not consume them without an allergic reaction. For the last four years I have been spreading the message. Foods engineered to make the Bt-toxin will put holes in your stomach and gut. If poop gets into your blood, this can cause an immune reaction, inflammation, and possible attention deficit, disorder, or even MS or ALS. Foods engineered to be RoundUp Ready are deficient in metal nutrients and cannot sustain life. Without chromium, insulin does not work. Type 2 diabetes. Without essential nutrients, your immune system cannot protect you from diseases, including cancer. http://Opinion.FarTooMuch.Info/GMHC.htm

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