How to Keep Monsanto Out of Your Home Garden

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The safest and most fool-proof way to consume pure, organic produce that is not tainted with modified genes or growth hormones is to grow your own food!

It is a growing trend in America to grow food from heirloom and organic seed. This gives the grower full knowledge of what the plant is and where it came from. What many gardeners and farmers don’t know is that Monsanto owns many of the organic and heirloom seed stock! In 2005, Monsanto bought the world’s largest seed company, Seminis. Seminis owns 40% of America’s conventional seed stock and 20% of the world’s.

Monsanto has bought up seeds everywhere, so it can be hard for the home gardener to grow a garden without supporting this evil company! But don’t fret, there are ways to completely avoid Monsanto from entering your garden. 

Avoid buying seed from these companies affiliated with Monsanto.

Check out this awesome list of MONSANTO-FREE SEED COMPANIES.

Here is a list of plant varieties (seed-names) that Monsanto has a hold of. Take this list with you if you are buying plant starts so you can be sure you aren’t supporting Monsanto.

Companies that have taken the Safe-Seed Pledge.

Do understand that just because Monsanto owns these seeds, it does not make them GMO. There are few seeds available for purchase by the home gardener that are GMO… but when you buy the seeds “owned” by Monsanto, you are supporting GMO with your money.

More information on keeping Monsanto out of your garden –

5 thoughts on “How to Keep Monsanto Out of Your Home Garden

    • This is about not using Monsanto seeds, and not supporting any org that does. Monsanto owns many seed companies that supply retailers, and some people would rather not support this company, GMO or not.

    • Michael is right. This post is about empowering people who stand against GMO’s to not support the companies that create GMOs in any way. That includes not purchasing seeds that are owned by Monsanto, even if they are heirloom or organic. We have the right to use our money to support the companies that we respect. When we buy seeds that come from a company that Monsanto owns, we are supporting Monsanto and in turn we are supporting GMO foods.

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