Money talks

Executives from companies like Monsanto go through a revolving door with the FDA and  EPA which are supposed to be regulating them. The result: they get exactly the regulation that’s most convenient to industry profits—so much so, that the industry is effectively left to regulate itself.

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Don’t be deceived by biotech smokescreens

The biotech industry has pooled together $35 million to “persuade” voters to vote “No” on Prop 37 in California. “Persuade” is the nice way of putting it. Some call them deceptions, some call them outright lies.

What I find very sad is that the system allows vested interests to advertize and thus gain votes by spending money — buying votes. So it ends up not about what is best, but who has the most money.

Two of the things that the No people are saying is that food will cost more and farmers will be hurt if labeling happens. I would call these downright lies.

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How much deception can $35,000,000 buy?

How much deception can $35,000,000 buy? The latest poll on Proposition 37 (which affects ALL Americans, and even the whole world) shows that it’s not about what’s right, or a fair debate, but about how many votes can be bought. Before money was spent, 66% of Californians wanted labeling. Now look. And with the “No” budget 10 times the “Yes” budget, it’s going to take people power for justice to prevail.

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No seed saving with GE crops

Seed sovereignty is something to be concerned about. Genetically engineered crops are patented by biotech companies. There’s no saving seed for next year’s planting. And if your farm is next to a GE crop and gets contaminated by pollen from GE crops, you risk being sued by Monsanto for patent infringement.

Research scientists who want to do independent testing of these novel and unnatural life-forms cannot, because of the patents — and the biotech companies do not give permission.

MYTH: PLU code prefix 8 for GMO

The PLU (price look up) code stuck to produce is to identify it at the checkout. The usual code is 4 digits prefixed by 9 if it’s organic. The prefix 8 was built into the code standard to identify “genetically modified organism,” but it is a voluntary standard, and so is never used. You cannot identify GMOs this way.