Dear Newspaper:

I’d like to raise awareness of a very serious consumer issue. Genetically modified organisms or “GMOs” are in around 80% of the processed foods we eat, and yet they are neither proven safe, nor labeled.

The culprit foods are mainly those containing GM soy, canola, cotton, sugar beets and corn. These crops and a large number of derivatives of these crops are in the vast majority of the foods we eat, and yet we are denied the right to know, and the right to choose. These foods are hidden from our sight, which is unacceptable. Continue reading

Dear Store Manager:

The letter to the store manager is great, because managers are in a position to influence suppliers, educate shoppers and make non-GMO shopping easier…

Mail it, or just give it to the checkout clerk when you do your next shop.

“It’s such an awesome document – I want to share and use it!!!”
~ Cynthia Eustice LaPier