“We’re going to deliver what the marketplace demands”

The following is a quote from 5th generation farmer Troy Roush from the film FOOD, Inc. In the film, he was very emotional as he spoke these powerful words…

You have to understand that we farmers… we’re going to deliver to the market place what the market demands. If you want to buy $2 milk, your going to get a feed block in your back yard, it’s that simple.

People have got to start DEMANDING good wholesome food of us and WE’LL DELIVER. I promise you we’re very ingenious people. WE’LL DELIVER, that’s all I have to say. Continue reading

Why we fight for a GMO-free world

by Andrew Kimbrell, Center for Food Safety

“For those of us who have a true sense of wonder and love for the natural world, and a vision of a new relationship with it, that’s what we love.

And when we see the kind of horrific technological manipulation represented by biotechnology; when we see what it does to the bodies of salmon or the bodies of animals, or when we understand that they’ve somehow turned a corn plant into a poison for butterflies and caddisflies and potentially for bees; when we realize that they’ve actually changed the heredity of corn and soy so they can withstand ever more and more chemicals; when we see all that, it’s an assault on something that we love.

So we respond, not for the sake of attack, but because things that we value and love are being attacked. Anybody would feel that way with their child or pet or anything they care about.”