Free to view until the 12th only, Symphony of the Soil

This new documentary by Deborah Koons Garcia, director of The Future of Food, is an artistic exploration of the miraculous substance soil. Filmed on four continents, it gives voice to an amazing cast of soil users : from scientists to farmers, activists to policy makers, historians to entrepreneurs featuring esteemed scientists and working farmers and ranchers. It also highlights possibilities of healthy soil creating healthy plants creating healthy humans living on a healthy planet.

Grow your own

It’s that time of year when we think about the garden a lot more than at other times of year, because there’s that limited window of opportunity to sow seeds.

Have you got plans for yours?

I’ve been watching a few videos of Vandana Shiva on YouTube recently and in one of the videos she said something that stuck in my mind… “To solve a big problem (the mess of the food industry, industrial agriculture and GMOs) we need to do small things. Only the small can multiply and diversify enough to solve the problem.”

And I would add: Only the small can CARE.

That small thing we need is more people re-connecting to the earth and growing food. Did you know that in India there are laws that prevent farms becoming too big? That means that farming is kept small, as it should be, in the hands of people and families, not corporations.

So what to grow?


Make a list of the fruits and vegetables you eat a lot of, and grow those in a natural way that mimics nature… the forest.  Continue reading

Monsanto Protection Act + more

Hi! Here’s the updates in the GMO world:

Monsanto Protection Act

Read more on GMO Inside:

GMOs in 80% of processed food


Did you know that over 80% of processed foods contain GMOs? Current GMO crops are: corn, soy, cottonseed, canola, sugar beets, papaya, zucchini and squash.

These crops show up in multiple forms- Click here to view a full GMO ingredient list.

The power of corporations

Do you think that in a flawed system, corporate success favors a psychopathic profile?

THE CORPORATION is a Canadian documentary film written by Joel Bakan, and directed by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott. The documentary examines the modern-day corporation, considering its legal status as a class of person and evaluating its behavior towards society and the world at large as a psychiatrist might evaluate an ordinary person. This is explored through specific examples. Bakan wrote the book, The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, during the filming of the documentary.

Habitat loss


The loss of habitat is real in the corn belt, as are its potential effects on a host of grassland bird species, some hunted, some not.

A new study concludes that declines of such birds, from the ring-necked pheasant to the horned lark, are more the result of pesticide use than any other factor, including habitat decline.

Read more:

What are the solutions to agriculture, health, and the environment?

What are the answers to the problems facing agriculture, health, bees, wildlife etc?

I think we need to localize not industrialize and we need to quit the “cides” and we need more farmers not less, and we need to value high-quality food, and we need to embrace an ecologically bio-diverse, higher perennial, lower grain food production model.

food forest 2

What are your solutions?

How to avoid GMOs

Keep it simple silly?



Wanting to avoid GMOs? Keep it simple silly…
More info:

That’s all for today! Hope you have a great day! ~ Mike

An awesome idea from a fellow supporter!

I’ve been tossing and turning over prob 37 since before the election. It didn’t come as a surprise that it hadn’t passed but really bothered me all the same. I kept thinking and thinking about what we could do and I think I’ve got an idea but need aggressive help in this campaign.

If each one of us individually used our twitter account and told these companies why we will not purchase their products, as well as sending these companies emails, and mailing a letter of promise to them, we might stand a change to open their eyes to not using GMOs in their products. Continue reading