Can you spot the difference? …

ANSWER: The corn on the left has been modified by scientists to contain a DNA sequence from a bacteria. This DNA produces a pesticide toxin. You can’t wash this pesticide off, it’s produced by every cell, and you won’t be able to spot the difference in the supermarket either.

TAKE 3 EASY STEPS to protect your family’s health and help get GMOs out of our food supply. Thank you!

1. Get the Facts. 2. Avoid GMOs. 3. Create Awareness.

“Any politician or scientist who tells you these products are safe is either very stupid or lying. The hazards of these foods are uncertain. In view of our enormous ignorance, the premature application of biotechnology is downright dangerous.”

~ David Suzuki, CC, OBC, Ph.D LLD, Geneticist

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57 thoughts on “Can you spot the difference? …

      • but that’s just the same picture pasted twice. It might be a small difference but I think it would be more provocative to include a picture of a non-gm ear of corn. In your current comparison, there is actually no difference between the images in question.

    • he is trying to tell you that you can not tell the difference by looking at them which produce has GMO and which one doesnt. if he used 2 different pictures of corn people would think it was a game of spot the differences between the two.

  1. I am really happy to see this Food Movement goin on. it is just a matter of time we will see GMO banned for everywhere! There is an initiative in to bring GMO labels to Canada.

  2. we bought seeds from, he claims they’re GMO Free. We stocked up. Actually we’re just plain ol “stocking up” on basics.

  3. For my second comment, we cannot tell the difference between GMO and non-GMO, but mice, dogs, sheep, goats, cows and birds can. To bad we cannot go into a store with a dog trained to identify GMO corn, soy, etc. Maybe the excuse that you are allergic to GMO [I am] and we need to take the dog into the store until GMO “food” is labeled. I only know if I ate something GMO hours later when I break out with skin ulcers. Then I know not to go back to that store. My other indication is my blood sugar is much higher with GMO then non-GMO, and takes a lot longer to return to normal. [Unless I take some chromium picolinate tablets. RoundUp Ready GM foods are deficient in metal nutrients.] http://Opinion.FarTooMuch.Info/GMHC.htm .

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