Can you spot the difference? …

ANSWER: The corn on the left has been modified by scientists to contain a DNA sequence from a bacteria. This DNA produces a pesticide toxin. You can’t wash this pesticide off, it’s produced by every cell, and you won’t be able to spot the difference in the supermarket either.

TAKE 3 EASY STEPS to protect your family’s health and help get GMOs out of our food supply. Thank you!

1. Get the Facts. 2. Avoid GMOs. 3. Create Awareness.

“Any politician or scientist who tells you these products are safe is either very stupid or lying. The hazards of these foods are uncertain. In view of our enormous ignorance, the premature application of biotechnology is downright dangerous.”

~ David Suzuki, CC, OBC, Ph.D LLD, Geneticist

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57 thoughts on “Can you spot the difference? …

  1. The Bt-gene in the corn can survive digestion and continue to make the Bt-toxin in your gut where it can cause holes. [i.e. leaky gut] In addition, the GM corn is deficient in essential metal nutrients that are needed to survive.

  2. I’ve been poisoned… I had a list of symptoms a mile long (depression, asthma, skin problems, stomach problems, poly cystic ovary syndrome, mood swings, irritability, insomnia, head fog and many more) since I was a child. My son suffers from seizures and the drs couldn’t figure out why at 10 yrs old (started at 4) he was having them along with unexplainable weight gain, no energy, stomach problems… the list goes on. Countless doctors visits, prescription drugs that only seemed to treat the symptoms not the problem. I developed a rash and self diagnosed it as a gluten intolerance. This household has been GMO free for a week and it’s like a whole new world. Most of my symptoms are gone and I’m hoping it will make a difference in my sons life as well. Our government is poisoning us… allowing people from these GMO organizations to be part of the FDA is a conflict of interest! People get sick, go to the Dr. (doctor gets his cut) and diagnoses something, give you a prescription (big pharma takes it’s cut). It doesn’t work, he orders some tests, gives you more prescriptions… All the while, it’s from the poisoned foods you’ve been eating that are completely avoidable without spending a dime trying to diagnose something that should’ve never been a problem in the first place!!
    This needs to stop!

  3. Kickstarter’s campaign to crowdfund the production and distribution of unregulated synthetic biology

    Dear GMO-Awareness,
    Something very concerning has come to my attention and I am hoping that you can make a statement. Three biotech entrepreneurs are planning on distributing untested, unregulated and unmonitorable seeds to any donor that pledges more than $40 to their campaign. This amounts to over 600,000 seeds being mailed to over 6000 locations across the continent. The USDA and other regulating bodies have not inspected the seeds and state that they don’t need to. The plant is a weedy species known as Arabidopsis. We cannot let Kickstarter set this sort of precedent. There is an Avaaz petition set up and the ETC Group and Friends of the Earth have started a campaign, humorously called “Kickstopper”. Can you join?

    Are you familiar with this? Hopefully you can help promote it:

    Tell Kickstarter not to allow bioengineered organisms

    Ramsey Affifi

  4. They are playing GOD with our lives. It’s population control. Years ago, you never heard of so many people having all these different cancers, and diseases, and health problems. That’s because the food was pure. We’re going to have to grow our own food to ensure our safety. It’s such a shame. The government will do ANYTHING for a dollar.

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