Create Awareness

The top 2 awareness tips are highly recommended. If we work as a team and do these 2 easy things, awareness will spread like wildfire.

SHARE our home page on Facebook, Twitter and your other social networks. It only takes a few seconds and will have a huge effect. Please like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

GIFT or lend the movie Genetic Roulette to your family, friends and neighbors. Having information presented in a powerful and easy to digest format is a great way to create awareness. Experience tells us that watching these types of movies can be life-changing.
We also recommend the free-to-view exposé movie “The World According to Monsanto.”

Other great ways are…

WRITE to your local grocery store managers (sample letter). They are central in the food supply chain; with the power to influence suppliers, educate shoppers, and stock non-GMO products.

DISPLAY a poster where you hang out with friends: clubs, groups, meeting places.

Click here for more high-quality shareables.

TOP Image: melvin gaal

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