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Consider a personal visit

“The very best way to contact your representatives is to show up unannounced to their local office and ask to talk to a staffer. Then you follow up. I have gotten some results that way, much better than letter or email writing, as they get too much correspondence and not many in-person visits.” Andrea Leon-Grossmann

3 thoughts on “Contact your legislators

  1. What a sad, sad day it is when we have to ask you to put labels on the food we are eating.
    We have 4 beautiful children that we would like to grow up without the worry of them developing tumors, organ failure, or cancer because of the foods we are feeding them. It’s bad enough the price of food, gas, everything…trying to make it day by day….doing the best we can….just label the food for the love of God so when we make sacrifices we know which ones we are making.

  2. In this matter, the United States has fallen far behind many other countries who are informed of GMOs and have taken action, banning the sale of these “foods,” in order to ensure the health of their constituents.
    We demand that we be informed regarding the food we eat. The era of secrecy and deceit behind the corporation, Monsanto is OVER. The Truth is out and we are asking our representatives to stand behind our demand that the people of the United States are to be informed whether or not their food from previously trusted companies is now genetically modified!

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