New resources page!

Hiya. GMOs are a complex subject, and there’s a lots of “noise” out there that is very off-putting to someone who doesn’t even know what a GMO is. So as well as our 3 simple steps, which are always the best first exposure, I’ve compiled the best of the free resources to help you get the word out about GMOs. Thanks! ~ Mike.

Click here to view free resources.

Top two GMO awareness tips

Hiya! I’m putting some final touches to the new campaign. A little but potentially powerful tweak is to the Create Awareness page. I’d love to get everyone doing the top two things. They’re very easy and simple to do, so hopefully, the new page will have a much greater impact.

The two things are 1. Sharing the home page on social media (easy, right?) 2. Watching and sharing the movie Genetic Roulette — not too hard either :-)

These two things are probably the most effective right now.

The California Ballot coming up in November is really giving me a focus to do everything I can to raise awareness in the time we have left. Biotech companies and Big Agri-biz are pouring millions of dollars into this, but despite that, polls are showing 66% in favor of YES on Prop 37 — this vote will affect all Americans.

All the best, Mike